Sounddesign: Richard Eigner

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der Panther' is a world famous poem by Rainer.M. Rilke which is about a panther trapped into a cagem where he is more and more slowing down, without goals he is damned to walk in circles the whole day long. For my attempt on the poem i made an animation of the poem text itself and tried to express the feelings of the panther with typographic styles. The whole text consists of animated lines which represent the smooth motion of the panther. Words like 'bigger' consists of big letters, words like 'smallest' consist of really small letters, words like 'dance' seem to be chaotic and happy and words like 'tired'look, well.... tired. I guess you have the idea.
This isn't new at all( but nearly not used for animation), great achievement in this fields was done by the

Konkrete Poesie'(english: visual poetic) movement which took place in german and austria around the 70s( I'm not so sure about that).I studied these peoples intensifely especially eugen gomringer and ernst jandl.
For me the content of the poem is more actual than ever because it uses the picture of the panther merely as a metaphor for our lives. The problem of people being lonely in big cities, stuck to their boring (computer)jobs, is really beautifully illustrated by this few lines, although Rilke wrote it already in the year 1907. But I think that's what happen to good thoughts over time: they don't fade out they just flex themself to their new envirovnemt .