Animation, 122, PAL, Color, Stereo, 2012

Director: Clemens Kogler

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Synopsis from sixpackilm:

Isn’t that cute: funny little cartoon creatures totter back and forth before a delicately patterned gray background: Sheep, teddy bears, and hamsters. Sneakers, penis, double whopper. Company logos and computers screens. Playing piece and MySpace profile. A man’s voice from off screen sings a lively Japanese song. While all of this is going on, a brief commentary in English appears at the bottom of the screen.__

But wait a moment – this echo of the “Hello Kitty” universe and related cute little models of the world is a black sea of tears. Drifting herein are references to child labor, omnipresent surveillance, genetically manipulated foodstuffs, fungal disease, lack of civil courage, teenagers run amok, child abuse, discrimination, personality theft, terror paranoia, and abuse. All contemporaries of today’s consumer capitalism—which for its part enjoys addressing its infantile clientele with mascots and transfers, similar to the ones described above.

Clemens Kogler’s cartoon film, less than two-minutes long: CUTECUTECUTE. Already in prior projects, the artist subjected plans and the design of negotiation tools and other set pieces of methodical production power optimization or precise target group management to a background reloading construction. These works, too, had a beginning and end, but at the same time were marked by the tendency to loop, by a (predilection for endless) repetition. In the end, here, too, one can’t say after watching it the first time: is that cute, or what? 
(Isabella Reicher)
Translation: Lisa Rosenblatt

german synopsis:
Niedlichkeit ist wohl eine der subtilsten Formen der Macht. Bei japanischen Comicfiguren kommt dies besonders deutlich zum Ausdruck . Das Phänomen, das im japanischen Kawaii genannt wird umfasst Charaktere für alle Lebenslagen. Freundliche Helfer die einem sagen wie man eine Fahrkarte löst, zum Mülltrennen auffordern oder in animierten Videos Kindern erklären wie man z.B.  bis 10 zählt.
Genau hier setzt CUTECUTECUTE an und lässt die Figürchen in ihrem Weltverbesserungsdrang den logischen nächsten Schritt gehen. Denn wer kann uns Fristenlösung, Sterbehilfe, Pensionsproblematik und die Niederungen des sozialen Zusammenlebens besser näher bringen als Kulleraugen, Pastelltöne und Kindchenschema.